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Add Static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to OpenBSD on IONOS

Note: This article has since been made into official IONOS documentation at This article details the process of configuring a static IPv4 and IPv6 address on OpenBSD machines hosted with IONOS. It is assumed that the IP addresses you wish to use have already been assigned to your server via the Cloud Panel or…

Installing custom ISOs on IONOS Dedicated Servers

Installing a custom ISO onto a dedicated server involves booting the server into rescue mode (similar to a live CD), then using an emulator to boot the ISO and install the new operating system. The emulator will be given access to the actual disks in the server, so even though it is not running on bare-metal, it will be installed to bare-metal. Even more complex setups, such as software RAID or full-disk encryption, are possible with this method. After installation, the dedicated server can be rebooted into the new operating system.