Checking drives on HW Raid BMC Servers in Linux Rescue

Follow these steps to check drives on your BMC Server while booted to Linux Rescue:

For servers using Broadcom Raid Cards:

1). storcli64 /c0 show all
2). storcli64 /c0/eall/sall show
3). storcli64 /c0/eALL/sALL show all – Gets drive serials

For servers using PERC Raid Cards:

1). For Disk 0: perccli64 /c0/e32/s0 show all
2). For Disk 1: perccli64 /c0/e32/s1 show all
3). For General info: perccli64 /c0 show
4). perccli64 /c0/eall/sall show

Old guide (Shouldn’t be needed anymore):

1). apt-get update
2). apt-get install alien
3). wget –no-check-certificate
4). tar xvzf perccli_7.1-007.0127_linux.tar.gz
5). rm perccli_7.1-007.0127_linux.tar.gz
6). cd Linux
7). alien -i perccli-007.0127.0000.0000-1.noarch.rpm
8). cd /opt/MegaRAID/perccli
9). For Disk 0: ./perccli64 /c0/e32/s0 show all
10). For Disk 1: ./perccli64 /c0/e32/s1 show all
11). For General info: ./perccli64 /c0 show

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