Installing SSL Certificate on Windows Server using Internet Information Services (IIS)

First when applying / assigning your SSL Certificate on your Domain, a POP-UP window will appear and asks you to Download the Private Key. It’s Very important to Download the Private Key, otherwise, you need to reissue the SSL Certificate in order to Download new Private Key.

Second step is, to Create and Download *.PFX file, in order to create and download the PFX file:

1- Open your Private key with any text editor

2- Copy and Paste the Private Key to the Private Key section in create and download PFX file

3- Type strong Password to secure the *.PFX file

4- Check mark (Add Intermedicate Certificate)

5- Click on Download .PFX File

Now, we have successfully created and downloaded the *.PFX file, we need to upload this file to the Server.

On your Server Open Internet Information Services (IIS), and select your Server :

Then double-click on Server Certificates

From Server Certificates Panel, in your Right-Had Side, click on Import, a pop-up window will appear, Select your *.PFX File, and Provide the Same Password you have entered while creating the *.PFX File, and Select Certificate Store: Web Hosting

We have successfully Added the SSL Certificate on the Server, now we need to assign it to your Domain.

From the Left-Hand Side on your IIS, expand Sites, then Select your Domain.

In your Right-Hand Side, click on Bindings, and either click on Add (if you haven’t assigned https to your Domain), or Click on Edit (if you have already assign https). Then Select your New SSL Certificate, Save, and now your Domain is using the New SSL Certificate.

Note: In case your Domain doesn’t call https automatically, then you need to set up URL Rewrite

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