Why you shouldn’t mine Cryptocurrency on IONOS Cloud/VPS Servers

You should not bother with CPU mining cryptocurrency anywhere.

But if you are tempted by the ultra low prices of a VPS with IONOS here is why you should not even consider it:

The primary reason you should not do this is that it is simply not profitable.

In our example we are using a 2 core VPS server. When mining we see the following:

This rate is equal to $.006 per day for a total of $0.18 per month.

As you can see with 2 cores it is not worth it. Even if you ran this on a single core server costing $2 per month you would only make back $0.09 running at 100% the entire time.

The secondary reason you should not be doing this is that it is against their T&C.

By mining on a Cloud or VPS you risk getting your account locked and terminated for abuse.

In conclusion if you are considering mining you should be seeking a service which offers GPUs or ASICs instead as it has not been profitable to CPU mine for a very long time.

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